Back Office Online Management

Intiger is the only ASX listed entity (IAM) dedicated to reducing the costs & improving the productivity of Financial Planning Practices.

BOOM (Back Office Online Management) is the industry's first Back-Office & Paraplanning Engine.

BOOM is not a CRM.

Use BOOM to order every back office & paraplanning task your Practice needs, all delivered your way in your CRM.

BOOM dramatically reduces your spend on internal administration, paraplanning staff, & expensive outsourced paraplanners.

Intiger & BOOM are the future of Financial Planning!

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BOOM is instant productivity

  • 24/7 capability
  • Live countdowns, live delivery

BOOM is compliance & certainty

  • Step-by-step guide for Paraplanning requests
  • Digitized Client Engagement / Fact Find

BOOM is growth

  • Zero staff costs, unlimited scale, expand now
  • Order every client task in advance

The Future of Practice Profitability

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